Veterans Memorial Park


Awarded for “Excellence in Merit Shop Construction” by the ABC of Indiana and Kentucky, this project aimed to modernize and enhance the Veterans Memorial Park features, continuing its legacy of honoring military veterans. It introduced a focal point to the park, the Memorial Glass Wall, constructed of large glass panels dedicated to different branches of the military. The renovation project attracted visitors from across the region and was dedicated on Veterans Day in 2018, graced by the presence of local and state leaders, as well as military veterans. It involved extensive work, including the development of pathways, the upgrade of playgrounds, enhanced landscaping, and infrastructure improvements, making Veterans Memorial Park a substantial tribute to the armed forces and a source of community pride.


The result of this renovation was the revitalization of Veterans Memorial Park, transforming it into a renewed space that respects and honors military veterans. The addition of the Memorial Glass Wall served as a central feature, paying homage to various branches of the military. This not only added a new layer of significance to the park but also attracted a diverse group of visitors from the region. The project breathed new life into the park’s infrastructure, providing a better and more inclusive experience for community members and tourists alike.