Castlewood & Douglas Park


In collaboration with the Lexington Fayette County Urban Government, the Castlewood & Douglass Park project brings a revitalizing transformation to the community. It involves the creation of a vibrant Splash Park, specifically designed to enhance the recreational experience in the area. The installation of sidewalks further improves accessibility, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the revitalized park. Simultaneously, the modifications made to the Pool House Building align with contemporary requirements, contributing to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space. Additionally, the construction of a Pump Vault & Structure adds a new dimension to the park’s recreational amenities, all with the aim of creating a more vibrant and enjoyable space for the local community.


As a result of this project, the community benefits from a modern and engaging recreational area. The Splash Park serves as a focal point for water-based entertainment, adding vibrancy to the community space. Improved accessibility through the installation of sidewalks ensures that everyone can enjoy the park’s offerings. The updated Pool House Building enhances the facilities and services available, catering to contemporary needs. Finally, the introduction of the Pump Vault & Structure further enriches the park’s offerings, allowing for a dynamic and inclusive space where residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities and foster community engagement. This project embodies the commitment to creating recreational environments that are not only functional but also contribute to community vitality and well-being.