US 60 Streetscape Phase 3


The US 60 Streetscape Phase 3 project is a significant undertaking aimed at enhancing the streetscape along US 60 in Simpsonville, KY. The project encompasses a comprehensive array of streetscape enhancements, including widening the pavement, constructing curbs and gutters, installing various drainage control structures, building sidewalks, incorporating brick paving strips between sidewalks and the street for added aesthetic appeal, landscaping to beautify the surroundings, installing street lighting for improved safety and visibility, and the introduction of a center left turn lane in specific sections of the project area. This comprehensive effort is focused on revitalizing and modernizing the visual and functional aspects of this vital roadway. By creating a more attractive and accessible environment, this project seeks to enhance the quality of life for the community, promote economic development, and improve the overall functionality of the road.


As a result of the US 60 Streetscape Phase 3 project, the community in Simpsonville, KY, will experience a transformed and rejuvenated urban corridor. The widened pavement, new curbs and gutters, and well-designed sidewalks will provide pedestrians and motorists with a safer and more convenient environment. The installation of beautiful brick paving strips, landscape enhancements, and street lighting will not only enhance the visual appeal of the area but also contribute to better aesthetics, security, and overall quality of life. Furthermore, the addition of a center left turn lane in specific sections will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, resulting in a more efficient and pleasant experience for residents and visitors. This project represents a significant investment in the local community, with lasting positive impacts on both its appearance and functionality.