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Pace Contracting provides general contracting services to numerous public and private sector clients throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Whether we’re expanding a wastewater treatment plant or constructing an urban streetscape, our top priority is always delivering the highest quality product at the greatest value to our clients.

Water Treatment

At Pace, we dive deep into water treatment projects with a solution-driven mindset, ready to take on complex challenges as they arise. We leverage innovative problem-solving and team expertise to engineer value wherever possible — resulting in reduced costs, better execution, and streamlined project schedules.

  • Facility Expansions & Improvements arrow

    We deliver complete site packages for water facilities, providing services that include land clearing and excavation, concrete structural elements, installation of buildings, installation of process equipment, and start-up and testing.

  • Pipeline Installation & Connection arrow

    Our underground utility crews install new water lines, restore existing systems, and connect to city utilities.

  • Back-up Generator Systems & Building arrow

    Pace Contracting has successfully built numerous backup generator buildings, and is widely experienced in installing generators and switchgear to provide redundant power feeds to critical infrastructure.

  • Basin Construction & Restoration arrow

    We routinely excavate, form, pour, and backfill structures used in the water treatment process. Our operations also routinely involve the installation of process equipment.

  • Process Equipment & Chemical Feed Systems arrow

    Pace Contracting has installed numerous chemical feed systems, flocculators, clarifiers, pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, and chlorine systems in existing water treatment plants.

  • Filtration Systems arrow

    Pace Contracting has installed new filtration systems and upgraded many water treatment plants with new filter media and filter types.

Wastewater Treatment

Pace Contracting has earned a reputation as one of our region’s leading contractors for wastewater treatment facility improvements and renovations. We prioritize safety and operational precision to protect our people, project partners, surrounding communities, and natural environments.

  • Filter System Installation arrow

    We install filter systems to enhance purification and ensure regulatory compliance with utmost effectiveness.

  • Sludge Dewatering Systems arrow

    We implement dewatering systems to separate and remove moisture from sludge, minimizing waste volume for proper environmental disposal.

  • Clarifier & Aeration Basins arrow

    In compliance with industry standards, we construct basins that optimize sedimentation and the treatment process.

  • Pipe Installation arrow

    Our utility teams specialize in the installation of various types of pipe, ranging from ductile iron to fiberglass (60”+), stainless steel, carbon steel, HDPE (36”+), PVC, RCP, and anything else that carries fluids.

  • Chemical Storage Systems arrow

    We construct safe and reliable systems tailored to the specific needs of treatment facilities for optimal treatment processes.

  • Odor Control & UV Systems arrow

    Pace Contracting has installed numerous odor control system upgrades and UV system improvements for clients throughout the Kentuckiana region.

  • Process Equipment Installation arrow

    Pace Contracting is highly experienced in installing all components of wastewater treatment process equipment, including: clarifiers, grit separators, screens, grinders, compactors, DAF systems, bubblers, aerators, gates, compressors, actuators, blowers, pumps, and dewatering systems.

Pump Stations

Our expertise in pump station restoration and improvement projects is rooted in our ability to operate efficiently and effectively in challenging environments. In addition to their vast experience, our teams at Pace Contracting are fine-tuned to form innovative solutions to technical issues that arise.

  • Cast-in-Place Structures arrow

    Pace Contracting excels in constructing cast-in-place structures, providing sturdy foundations and wet wells for pump stations. Our expert teams employ precision techniques to create durable structures that support essential facility components.

  • Pre-cast Structures arrow

    Pace Contracting has vast experience in the installation of water-tight precast structures, ensuring proper alignment to associated piping.

  • Large-Diameter Pipe Installation arrow

    Our teams employ efficient techniques to install large-diameter pipes that meet high-performance standards. Materials installed range from HOBAS pipe to HDPE to RCP.

  • Equipment Installation arrow

    Pace Contracting’s expertise extends to equipment installation including all ancillary equipment to the station, pumps, valve actuators, gates, weirs, and piping, ensuring proper alignment and leveling.


Our project teams proudly restore existing urban areas by offering premier construction services for award-winning streetscape and road rehabilitation projects. Our comprehensive approach combines expert-level craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and our signature commitment to excellence.

  • Grading & Excavation arrow

    Employing precision grading and excavation techniques, we prepare the groundwork for all manner of roadway projects.

  • Stormwater Utility Installation arrow

    Our expert crews install stormwater utilities including drain systems, retention ponds, underground pipelines, and more.

  • Concrete Curb & Gutter arrow

    Our concrete crews are some of the best in the region and apply meticulous craftsmanship to construct durable curb and gutter elements.

  • Sign & Barrier Installation arrow

    Pace Contracting will manage the installation of signage and barriers as a final stage for city and state roadway enhancement projects.

  • Roadway Paving & Striping arrow

    Pace Contracting will oversee the paving and striping of roadway restoration projects, utilizing in-house paving crews for both asphalt and concrete.

  • Electrical Enhancements arrow

    Our teams install and repair lights, traffic signals, and other electronic components on streetscape projects.

Parks/Splash Pads

We bring our exceptional civil construction knowledge and experience to the realm of public recreation with a dedicated focus on Parks and Splash Pads. Our commitment to community health and well-being shines through in every public-use project we undertake in the vibrant Kentuckiana region.

  • Concrete Flatwork arrow

    Expert concrete placement allows for proper drainage of splash pads and adherence to ADA guidelines.

  • Hardscapes arrow

    Our skilled teams craft durable features, seamlessly integrating pathways and plazas for improved functionality and aesthetics.

  • Landscaping arrow

    Transforming urban areas, Pace Contracting brings green life to spaces with sustainable landscaping solutions, enhancing both aesthetics and environmental well-being.

  • Splash Pads arrow

    Our skilled team members help design and coordinate the installation of filtration systems, chemical systems, associated piping, pumps, water features, nozzles, and all associated equipment to produce one-of-a-kind parks for all to enjoy!

  • Parks arrow

    Our team combines creativity with precision to craft parks that become central hubs for social interaction, relaxation, and recreation. From concept to execution, we prioritize sustainability, accessibility, and aesthetics to craft public-use spaces that stand as enduring symbols of our communities.

  • Water Utilities arrow

    Water utilities play a major role in enhancing the allure of public spaces. Our expertise includes implementing water features that complement the natural beauty of parks — whether it’s incorporating interactive splash pads, serene water fountains, or sustainable irrigation systems.

Bridge Construction

At Pace Contracting, our bridge construction division leverages extensive experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to constructing structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing bridges that meet the highest standards of safety and durability.

  • Box Culverts arrow

    We specialize in box culvert construction, providing durable and reliable solutions for various infrastructure projects. Our experienced team ensures precise engineering and expert craftsmanship to deliver box culverts that meet stringent quality standards and endure.

  • Bridge Replacement arrow

    Utilizing our decades of experience and engineering expertise, we ensure a seamless process for bridge replacement. Our dedicated team carefully plans and executes every step of the process, from the initial assessment to the final construction, to deliver safe and durable bridge replacements that exceed standards of quality and functionality.

  • Bridge Widening arrow

    Our experienced team of engineers and construction professionals ensure that the bridge widening process is executed seamlessly, taking into account factors such as traffic management, structural integrity, and environmental considerations. With a commitment to safety and quality, we deliver successful bridge-widening projects that enhance transportation infrastructure and improve connectivity.

  • Pedestrian Bridges arrow

    We help design and construct pedestrian bridges that prioritize safety, functionality, and aesthetics. With our extensive experience and engineering expertise, we create structures that beautifully blend in with their surroundings, providing convenient and accessible pathways for pedestrians while enhancing the overall urban landscape.

  • Railway Overpass arrow

    At Pace Contracting, we have the specialized knowledge to design and construct railway overpasses that ensure safe and efficient transportation. Our team is well-versed in the unique requirements and regulations involved in railway projects, and we utilize advanced engineering techniques to deliver structurally sound and durable overpasses that meet the needs of both railway operators and the surrounding communities.

  • Roadway Flyover arrow

    Pace Contracting bridge crews excel in the construction of roadway flyovers, creating elevated highways and interchanges that efficiently navigate through complex traffic patterns. Our advanced engineering techniques provide seamless integration with existing road networks, providing enhanced mobility and reducing congestion.

  • Airport Structural Concrete arrow

    Our bridge division experts provide comprehensive concrete services tailored to the specific needs of airports, ensuring efficient and safe operations while prioritizing quality and precision. We actively partner with the Louisville Muhammed Ali Airport and the UPS Airport on facility improvement and restoration projects.

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