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Tackling Our Region’s Toughest Infrastructure Challenges

Pace is proud to create a positive, sustainable impact on our environment and the communities we call home by constructing high-quality, cost-effective projects.

Our work is essential to protecting public health and safety. Because of this, we embrace challenges that go hand-in-hand with building and restoring the infrastructure our communities rely on for clean water, functioning utilities, and reliable transportation.

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Services to Strengthen Our Public Infrastructure

Smarter Solutions Together
Smarter Solutions Together
Smarter Solutions Together

At a Glance: Who We Are at Pace Contracting

First time hearing about us? To understand who we are at Pace Contracting, there’s only one place to start — our people, and the incredible work we do to serve our neighbors and communities.

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What Our Partners Say About Pace

“Whether on site or in the office, the Pace Contracting staff has been a pleasure to work with. The construction work has been well planned, well organized, and well scheduled, with no surprises.”

Deron S. Byrne
Principal Project Engineer
Monarch Engineering, Inc.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pace for the better part of 15 years. I’ve found them to be a top-notch general contractor with a highly skilled and extremely professional project management team. There workmanship has always been sound and completed to satisfaction of project time requirements and budgets. I always look forward to working with them and highly recommend them to others."

Kyle Guthrie
Vice President/Business Development Lead

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with PACE Contracting on several projects that we’ve designed over the years. And with every one of those projects they’ve delivered a high-quality product and stayed true to who they are – professional, knowledgeable, and a team player. I look forward to working with PACE Contracting on more projects down the road."

Kyle Novak
Senior Associate
Hazen and Sawyer

"I have worked with Pace Contracting on several complex projects and have found them to be very professional. The quality of workmanship and responsiveness is unusual in our line of work. Change orders are only requested when legitimate scope changes or unknown circumstances are encountered."

David F. Schrader
Vice President
Bell Engineering

“Pace Contracting played a pivotal role in the success of Lexington’s award-winning Town Branch Commons Corridor. Their unwavering professionalism, organization, and seamless coordination with all project stakeholders were instrumental in delivering a complex endeavor that not only met but exceeded expectations – both on time and under budget.”

Brandi Peacher
Director of Project Management
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government

Recent Projects by Pace

Town Branch Commons

The project encompasses a comprehensive revitalization of urban spaces, from the demolition of existing pavement to the creation of vibrant and functional environments.
See Project

Sellersburg WWTP Rehab & Expansion

This significant project is focused on elevating the Sellersburg wastewater treatment plant's capacity and operational efficiency.
See Project

Paducah FPS #2 Rehab

The Paducah FPS #2 Rehab project, focused primarily on pump station improvements, addresses the critical need for enhanced reliability and efficiency.
See Project

Jasobson Masterson Station Park Spraygrounds

The Jacobson & Masterson Station Park project involved the creation of a vibrant and engaging community space.
See Project

Danville Main St. Streetscape

The Danville Main St. Streetscape project, under the ownership of the City of Danville, embarked on a comprehensive transformation of Main Street, extending from 2nd Street to the western side of 4th Street.
See Project

Hinkston Creek WWTP Upgrade

This comprehensive undertaking involves a wide range of improvements within the wastewater treatment plant, encompassing areas such as a pump station, oxidation ditch, clarifiers, and various other water and wastewater treatment components.
See Project

The Pace Contracting Experience

Project owners rely on Pace for more than project completion—they seek an exceptional experience at every stage of the process, from the first planning meeting to the final inspection.

As a contractor, our approach is formulated to exceed our clients’ greatest expectations. We strive to become an integrated project partner and work collaboratively, not just to identify challenges and provide meaningful solutions.

  • Partnership Focus: We’re committed to forming lasting relationships with our clients, so that we can continue to thrive and succeed together.

  • Engineered Value: We’re hardwired to identify cost savings opportunities and streamline the construction process for added project value.

  • Proven Performance: We’ve earned our clients’ trust by consistently showing up and doing whatever is needed to get the job done.

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Have Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

  • In what region does Pace Contracting primarily operate? arrow

    Pace Contracting primarily operates in the Kentuckiana region but is open to projects in various locations depending on the specific needs and scope.

  • What is Pace Contracting’s association with LPX Group? arrow

    Pace Contracting is proud to be a part of the LPX Group, a leading construction and infrastructure development company, which provides us with strong support and resources.

  • What percentage of project work does Pace Contracting self-perform? arrow

    Pace Contracting self-performs a significant portion of our projects, with an average of 80% of work being completed using our in-house expertise and workforce.

  • Are you hiring? If so, how do I apply? arrow

    Yes, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. To apply for a position at Pace Contracting, please visit our careers page on our website and follow the application instructions provided there.

  • What’s the best way to contact Pace Contracting about a project? arrow

    The best way to contact us regarding a project is to reach out through our Contact Us page on our website, where you can submit project inquiries or general questions, or you can call our main office at (502)-815-4142.

  • How long has Pace Contracting been in business? arrow

    Pace Contracting has been in business for more than 25 years, providing high-quality construction and contracting services to our clients.