Paducah FPS #2 Rehab


The Paducah FPS #2 Rehab project, focused primarily on pump station improvements, addresses the critical need for enhanced reliability and efficiency. This project centers on the replacement of the existing vertical turbine pumps and motors, ensuring that the facility is equipped with modern and reliable components. Furthermore, the installation of a new sluice gate, along with its stem and actuator, plays a pivotal role in controlling and regulating the flow of water, enhancing the overall functionality of the pump station. In addition, the excavation and replacement of the existing discharge piping within the floodwall, with robust new steel pipes and efficient flapgates, contributes to a more efficient water conveyance system.


Upon completion of the Paducah FPS #2 Rehab project, the pump station stands as a testament to modern infrastructure maintenance. With the old, less reliable pumps and motors replaced by new and efficient components, the pump station can now operate smoothly, guaranteeing reliable service for the community. The addition of a new sluice gate and actuator allows for more precise control over water flow, improving the overall management of the water system. Furthermore, the excavation and replacement of the discharge piping will ensure safe and reliable operation of the pump station which in turn keeps the city from flooding. The overall result is a more efficient and effective pump station, ultimately contributing to the community’s water management needs.