Danville Main St. Streetscape


The Danville Main St. Streetscape project, under the ownership of the City of Danville, embarked on a comprehensive transformation of Main Street, extending from 2nd Street to the western side of 4th Street. The ambitious endeavor involved a multifaceted approach to enhance the local streetscape, encompassing the burial of overhead utilities along 4th Street from Walnut Street to the northern boundary of Main Street. This intricate undertaking featured various streetscape elements incorporated along the same stretch, aimed at redefining the visual and functional aspects of the area. Additionally, the project included critical revisions to drainage and curb locations, ensuring optimal stormwater management and pedestrian safety. Furthermore, the integration of owner-furnished products, including pedestrian and vehicular light poles and fixtures, lighted bollards, café lighting, and posts, significantly elevated the overall aesthetics and functionality of the streetscape, creating an inviting and vibrant urban environment.


As a result of the Danville Main St. Streetscape project, the community now enjoys a revitalized and more attractive Main Street. The burial of overhead utilities on 4th Street, from Walnut Street to the northern edge of Main Street, not only enhanced the visual appeal but also improved the safety and convenience for pedestrians and motorists. The thoughtful revision of drainage and curb locations contributes to more effective stormwater management. Furthermore, the installation of owner-furnished amenities, including light poles, fixtures, and other enhancements, has made Main Street a more pleasant and functional space for residents and visitors, encouraging greater community engagement and fostering local economic development.