Splash! at Charles Young Park


Pace Contracting was responsible for the construction of a nature-inspired, interactive water feature known as “Splash! at Charles Young Park.” This feature greatly contributes to the enhancement of the park’s amenities and overall recreational environment. In addition to this significant water feature, the project encompassed several additional components, including the rehabilitation of the park bathroom building and equipment room, as well as new sidewalks, landscaping, and site furnishings. These improvements aimed at making the park a more inviting and functional space for the local community.


The result of this project is a revitalized Charles Young Park, seamlessly integrating the new playground, basketball court, and Community Center with the Town Branch Commons Trail through the splashpad addition. The interactive water feature not only enhances the park’s aesthetic appeal but also provides a refreshing recreational opportunity for park visitors. Furthermore, the improved public bathrooms, sidewalks, landscaping, and site furnishings enhance the park’s accessibility and convenience, making it a more attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. This project demonstrates the positive impact of well-planned streetscape enhancements on a community’s public spaces, providing a more enjoyable and engaging environment for all.