Rowan Pump Station and CSO Interceptor


Winner of the “American Architecture Award,” the Rowan Pump Station and CSO Interceptor project, commissioned by the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), stands as a significant infrastructure development with a contract amount of $25,844,000. The project aimed to address critical wastewater management needs within the region. It involved the construction of a robust 48 million gallons per day (MGD) pump station, equipped with ten submersible sanitary pumps and two submersible grit pumps. Additionally, a comprehensive network of pipelines was installed, ranging from 12-inch to 60-inch pipes, along with diversion structures and control structures. Erosion prevention and sediment control measures were integrated, and pavement restoration work was carried out. The project also included the implementation of various electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, and control systems to ensure efficient and reliable operation.


The successful execution of the Rowan Pump Station and CSO Interceptor project significantly contributes to improving the wastewater infrastructure of Louisville and Jefferson County. This transformative endeavor not only enhances the capacity to handle wastewater but also underscores the commitment to environmental responsibility through erosion and sediment control measures. The comprehensive system of pipes and pump stations represents a crucial component of the region’s wastewater management, ensuring that it can effectively handle current and future demands while safeguarding environmental quality.