South 4th Street Streetscape


Awarded for “Excellence in Merit Shop Construction 2020” by the ABC of Indiana and Kentucky, this ambitious project aimed to revitalize a crucial urban corridor. The project focused on enhancing not only the practical elements of the streetscape, including curbs, parking facilities, and drainage systems but also emphasizing the aesthetics and pedestrian accessibility of the area. The project involved a year of dedicated work by our teams to bring about this transformation, representing our commitment to improving urban infrastructure and contributing to the community’s vitality. 


As a result of this endeavor, the South 4th Street Streetscape project successfully improved the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the area. The revitalization efforts enhanced pedestrian accessibility, made the streetscape more visually appealing, and contributed to the overall beautification of the community. The project now stands as a testament to our dedication to blending functionality and aesthetics in urban development, ultimately enriching the lives of both residents and visitors, and creating a vibrant and welcoming urban environment in this vital corridor.