Shelbyville WTP Filter Upgrade


The Shelbyville WTP Filter Upgrade project, commissioned by Shelbyville Municipal Water, involved a critical enhancement to the water treatment plant’s filtration capabilities. With a contract amount of $1,637,500, the project centered on the removal and replacement of four key filters and their associated filter media. This upgrade significantly improved the plant’s water treatment capacity, ensuring the continued delivery of clean and safe drinking water to the local community.


The successful completion of this project led to a substantial improvement in the water treatment plant’s efficiency and capacity. By installing new filters and filter media, the plant can now better remove impurities and contaminants from the water supply. This means that residents of Shelbyville and the surrounding areas can continue to enjoy access to high-quality, treated water, promoting public health and safety. The upgrade contributes to the overall reliability and effectiveness of the water treatment process, aligning with Shelbyville Municipal Water’s commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water to the community.