Grand Avenue Pump Station


The Grand Avenue Pump Station project stands as a significant infrastructure development. With a contract amount of $11,938,000, this vital undertaking includes the construction of a new ten million gallon per day pumping station along with various associated appurtenances. Additionally, the project encompasses the construction of essential gravity and force sewer lines, including 36-inch, 30-inch, 10-inch gravity sewers, and a 24-inch force main, complemented by the installation of seven manholes and one diversion structure. To enhance the surroundings, the project includes landscaping and fencing components, among other miscellaneous appurtenant work.


Upon completion, the Grand Avenue Pump Station project will significantly enhance the sewage infrastructure in the Louisville and Jefferson County area. The newly constructed pumping station, along with the upgraded sewer lines and other related appurtenances, will contribute to a more efficient and reliable wastewater management system. This project will enable the region to handle sewage and wastewater more effectively, ensuring the health and well-being of its residents while also addressing the environmental concerns related to wastewater management.