B.E. Payne WTP Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Facilities


This undertaking encompasses the construction of a state-of-the-art 6,720 SF concrete building designed to house a cutting-edge sodium hypochlorite generation system. This system consists of two CT-3,000 generators, each capable of producing 1,500 lbs/day, along with associated storage tanks, equipment, and redundant chemical feed systems. The project also includes the installation of a 12-inch water supply line to the new facility.


In addition to the construction aspects, the scope of work for this project involves the meticulous cleanup of lime and other solids residuals from the treatment plant’s influent flume, necessary modifications to the existing lime and fluoride feed piping, and the removal of the existing gas chlorine equipment, including chlorine scrubber, electrical conduit/wiring in the existing chlorine storage room, and electrical conduit/wiring in the existing chlorine feed rooms.