4th St. Flood Pump Station


The 4th St. Flood Pump Station project focused on the comprehensive enhancement and replacement of vital components within the pump station. Key elements of this initiative included the replacement of existing gates and pumps with new, modern equipment. Simultaneously, the installation of advanced electrical systems and the integration of essential safety features such as handrails were integral to the project. These critical upgrades and improvements were undertaken to significantly enhance the operational efficiency and reliability of the pump station.


As a result of this endeavor, the project succeeded in ensuring the continued effective management of flooding and wastewater conveyance for the local community served by the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD). The replacement of outdated infrastructure with modern, efficient components, combined with the installation of safety measures, significantly contributes to the station’s longevity and the community’s resilience against flooding, ensuring the continuous protection and functionality of vital wastewater infrastructure.