Southwest Gate


The Southwest Gate project has involved significant infrastructure changes which include the replacement and installation of 6 custom gates. These gates prevent the river water from backing up into the sewer and prevent the sewer from discharging into the river (unless heavy rain occurs). Despite tough working conditions, Pace has followed rigorous safety standards to ensure its workers are protected while operated in a tight chamber with potential exposure to rising water. Work has also involved core drilling (150 of 3’’x5’ wall core drills), installing rebar (55,800 pounds), and forming/pouring concrete walls (450 cubic yards of concrete and 3,064 bags of grout). Pace worked directly with AECOM and MSD to assist in the design portion of the project and lay the foundation for excellent partnership through the construction.


Upon completion, the Southwest Gate project will significantly enhance the flood protection infrastructure in the Louisville and Jefferson County area. The new gate structure provides much-needed rehab and security, which will contribute to a more robust wastewater management system. This project will enable the region to handle stormwater and wastewater more effectively, ensuring the health and well-being of its residents while also addressing the environmental concerns related to wastewater management.